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Inner Call are what you would call a melodic rock band from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Northeastern Italy. With a mix of musical influences, Inner Call bring a mixture of rock, pop and classical music in their debut track ‘Gravity’.

The track begins slow and mellow with just vocals from Lorenzo Nadalin and a basic backing track before quickly kicking in to a drum track as the other instrumentals slowly build up to the chorus, bringing a very atmospheric feel to the track. Throughout the track, the tempo varies along with the feel, changing from mellow and calm to hard-hitting and emotional. This rapid change helps make Gravity quite an original track and makes it stand out from a lot of other music out there at the moment.

The accompanying music video brings a sort of ‘Inception’ feel to the song, with floating objects flying around the screen before showing a man in the corner of the room. The track shows the man defying gravity, causing change to rise up from a buskers guitar case as well as the everyday objects suspended in midair. The music video is shot in very high quality and flows in time with the song giving it a good visual feel. For a debut track, this is certainly a very good way to start.


Rating: 7.5/10

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