As the festival reaches its  final hours, the Key Club stage hosts its second to last band Set It Off. After being second on the Main Stage back in 2015, they may have downgraded stage size, but certainly upped in audience size.

Opening with single ‘Why Worry’, the entire audience was up and jumping  shouting out the lyrics ‘Why? Please tell me why do we worry?’. Opening the show with their most well-known songs certainly hyped the audience, with people singing along to the summer anthem ‘Forever Stuck In Our Youth’ and anger filled ‘The Haunting’.

Their setlist was equally composed of tracks from their 2015 album ‘Duality’ and their most recent album ‘Upside Down’. This meant that all fans both old and new had something they could enjoy and sing along to.

However, it did seem that with their newer album ‘Upside Down’ that the songs were slower and this caused the set to lack energy more. While slow songs can be exciting and energetic in some ways, these songs such as ‘Diamond Girl’ and ‘Upside Down’ did lack energy making the set a little less exciting. Although, one of the band playing a trumpet solo was quite a different approach to the set!


As for audience participation, Set It Off didn’t really talk to the audience very much. While lead vocalist Cody got into the audience at one point during ‘Life Afraid’, the communication was lacking. While it was a good performance, Set It Off can still keep giving energy to make their sets energetic and exciting.

Gig rating 4/5

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