Fresh out of Cambridge in the UK are none other than hardcore rock band Bury The Light. After the release of their EP ‘Sunstroker’ they are quickly gaining popularity in the world of music. We had the chance to talk to Bury The Light about their recent EP, the process of recording and their best (and worst) moments of being a band.

So could you please introduce yourself, your role in the band and your biggest inspirations at the moment?

Luigi: Vocals, was not present at the time of writing…

Sam: I play the guitar and I also do a lot of backup vocals in a few tracks. Currently I’m listening to artists such as Napoleon, Capsize and Wolf Down who I would say would all fall under a similar genre to our own.

Charles: I play the drums and I’m inspired by Beartooth and Architects at the moment. They all make me want to play more and I would like to try and accomplish similar things that they have.

George: I play the bass and I really like Parkway Drive at the moment. Seeing them on stage definitely makes me want to do what they’re doing.

 You just recently released your EP ‘Sunstroker’, how has the response been to the EP?

We all think it has been positive and we’ve received a lot of feedback from people around the U.K. The marketing for the release was something that we could’ve worked on which we then learnt how to improve for the release for the video and things for the future as well. Saying that, the E.P.  gave us a lot of opportunities such as getting an endorsement from a clothing company called BHPCO also known as Triple Six Bandits. They sponsor other metal artists such as Hacktivist.

What was the recording process like? Did you come across any issues?

We recorded the E.P. at Last Stand Studios in Peterborough. The studio itself is independently ran by Harri Lowe of Return to Rome. As a band, we don’t think we could’ve asked for a better person to guide us through the process since he gave us a lot of advice regarding things that we could add to the recording to make it better. I think the only issue was travel since we had to drive across Cambridge to get Luigi and then back across again to get to Peterborough which was very stressful at times.

Which song is each of your personal favourites and why?

Sam: I think my favourite and the most underrated is Closure Eyes which is our intro track. This one is quite short but really fast and the tempo changes and the breaks characterise the song.

Charles: My favourite is Sunstroker, for me personally this one is what I enjoy to play most live. I like the hard-hitting feel of it. It starts with quite an intense intro and keeps on going but it gets quite melodic towards the middle.

George: I would have to say Numb, out of the setlist this song is the most technical for me which also makes it really fun to play. I also it’s the heaviest out of the E.P. which means we can all go crazy to it.

What do you each think has been the best experience you’ve had as a band?

Since releasing the Sunstroker E.P. we’ve felt that we’re being taken a lot more seriously as a band. We had a show at the Portland Arms in Cambridge and that was our first local performance since the E.P. came out. We managed to pull a lot of people that we knew that were willing to show their support and it just felt amazing seeing so many familiar faces there. Having people commit to travel was great since fans from around the area.

What do you think has been the worst experience as a band?

The worst for 3/4 of us (Charles luckily missed this) was staying up until 5 in the morning to watch Wrestlemania 32 only to have to get up in two hours time to go to our first day at the studio.

George: I’ve never felt more rotten and dry. I had an allergic reaction during that period as well so bits of my face were all dry and cracked.

Whats next for Bury The Light?

We’re hoping to continue gigging consistently, and we’d also like to release new material in the not too distant future.

If you had to describe your band to new fans in one sentence what would you say?

Sam: You probably wouldn’t like it.

With increasing popularity and even getting sponsored by clothing brands, Bury The Light are certainly a band to check out as soon as possible!

Check them out at: https://burythelight.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: Bury The Light

Instagram: Burythelightofficial

Twitter: Burythelight


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