Like we’ve said before, performing on the breakout stage isn’t always easy. Opening up to possibly an entirely new audience can be daunting, but luckily American pop-punk band Makeout knew just how to do this.

Unfortunately, at first the crowd was nothing more than about 7 people sitting watching the stage. Of course, taking advantage of what they had, the band got them to the front of the stage before opening up their set. Despite the setback of only having a small audience, they still played with full energy slowly drawing in crowds through their set.

Like with previous performances on this stage, there were some technical glitches. Smoke machines going wild and covering the stage in a sea of fog and the odd issue of  guitars becoming unplugged in the middle of a song. However, this didn’t stop Makeout from performing with full energy and connecting well with the audience. Even when they started wrong, vocalist Sam got the audience to boo guitarist Tyler for starting early!


Musically, the band played well and in time (most of the time) and got the audience moving to their songs. With catchy choruses about ‘insane’ relationships and hatred, it’s hard not to move along or at least get somewhat involved in the performance. One of the standout moments of the set is before their final song, as they ask if fellow audience members are called ‘Lisa’ or want to be. Of course many of the audience say yes (including a comedic guy in the middle of the crowd), only to be met with the lyrics ‘I hate you Lisa!’. Playing with full energy, having catchy songs as well as great stage presence show exactly why Makeout were chosen to play the Breakout Stage this year.

Overall, Makeout did an amazing comedic set despite having a small crowd and the odd issue. With new music on the way, you should definitely catch them next time they come to the UK!

Gig rating: 4.5/5


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