Second up on the Main Stage this year are none other than Japanese electro-rockers Crossfaith. Offering high energy to the festival, this was certainly a set to check out.

After last performing at Slam Dunk in 2015, Crossfaith are no strangers to the festival and raked in a massive crowd from the start to the end of their set. Opening with ‘Xeno’ from their most recent album Xeno, Crossfaith already had people at the front jumping, moving and creating huge circle pits from the word go. It doesn’t take long for the metalcore rockers to take things back to their 2013 EP ‘Zion’ with one of their more popular songs ‘Monolith’ before moving on to ‘Kill em’ All’ and ‘Ghost In The Mirror’ featuring fellow performer Caleb Shomo from Beartooth.

With Beartooth also playing on the main stage, fans were pleasantly surprised to see the singer Caleb Shomo join the band for an energetic play through of ‘Ghost In The Mirror’. Of course, while not everyone there may have known Crossfaith, they certainly knew their cover of The Prodigy’s ‘Omen’. While people at the back may not have been as energetic as those at the front, this song got everyone in the whole arena down to the floor before jumping up into a sea of people.

Ending their short 6-song set was ‘Countdown To Hell’, a song that kept those even as far as the back of the arena moving and having fun. With the band giving 110% of their energy into the performance, the audience certainly gave back at the end, even if at first they may not have been as enthusiastic. Overall, the set was full of energy, massive mosh pits and excitement showing that Crossfaith sure know how to perform to a big audience.


Gig rating:  5/5




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