In the world of post-hardcore music, sometimes it really is a ‘Fight To Survive’ and Cold Summer are on the way to win the fight. With a balanced mix of cleans and heavy instrumentals, this album is already set to make a statement.

Starting with angst filled ‘Bear Eat Wolf’, it gives the impression ofviolence with the title, and the song shows exactly that. Despite opening on a softer tone, it doesn’t take long for the drums to kick in alongside the hard-hitting vocals. Creating a strong opening, it sets the tone for the rest of the album and shows the idea of fighting to survive being like going ‘to hell and back‘. The EP then leads on to ‘A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire’, the bands leading track and one of the strongest on the record. With captivating lyrics and great instrumentals, this is definitely a standout track for the EP.

‘Car Crash (In Progress)’ like the other tracks, doesn’t fail to disappoint before leading on to ‘Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It). ‘Car Crash (In Progress)’ is one of those songs that mixed with well written, heartfelt lyrics and more sick instrumentals, packs a punch to the listener. On the other hand, ‘Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It) appears to have more of a powerful chorus that admittedly, is quite catchy.

Final two tracks ‘Waiting’ and ‘Something, Nothing, No-One’ offer an energetic ending to ‘Fight To Survive, ensuring listeners come away remembering Cold Summer and what they have to offer. With the impressive bass opening in ‘Waiting’, it further highlights that this band can create distinct tracks (With memorable catchy riffs). EP closer ‘Something, Nothing, No-one’ has the perfect balance of hard gritty uncleans, mixed with the melodic clean vocals within the track.

One criticism of this album is sometimes, the uncleans aren’t executed as good as they could be, but this can easily be fixed and anyway, what EP’s don’t have some small criticisms??

Either way, Cold Summer are on the right track and are maturing and producing more quality music each time. If you haven’t listened to them yet, why not?


Rating: 7.5/10

Recommended songs: ‘A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire’, ‘Coins Fall (But Don’t Make It)’.

Listen to the at:

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