We all know Slam Dunk festival will be massive this year. If you find yourself having any free time, here are the bands you should definitely check out!



Bering added to the ‘Breakout’ stage already highlights that Casey are a band to watch out for. From the south of Wales, Casey are a melodic hardcore band who are already receiving support from larger bands such as Being As An Ocean. This band is certainly one to watch if you can! Make sure to find them on the Rocksound Breakout Stage this year!

Listen to their song ‘Darling’ below!



Okay, despite being on the main stage we’re still putting them on this list because you definitely need to catch them this year. Returning to Slam Dunk after 2015, Japanese electro-rockers Crossfaith are ready to hit the stage after the release of hit album XENO. If you want an energetic set with a lot of moshing and jumping, Crossfaith are the band for you. Check them out at the Main Stage at the festival!

Check out ‘Wildfire’ below!



We all need a bit of punk rock in our lives at some point, so why not check out British band Milk Teeth. After the release of their debut album ‘Vile Child’ back in 2016, they are ready to tear up the stage this year. With a different kind of style to a lot of the bands playing, Milk Teeth are certainly a band to change-up your day a little. Milk teeth are playing the Signature Stage this year, make sure to check them out!

Listen to ‘Brain Food’ below!



Playing Slam Dunk for their second year running are American pop-punk trio Waterparks. If you’re the kind of person to enjoy bubbly pop-punk tracks with catchy choruses and a tonne of energy, this is the band for you. Check them out at the Key Club stage this year!

Listen to their song ‘Royal’ below!



Aussie pop-punkers are back at it again playing Slam Dunk for the second time, this time with a debut album under their belts. If you want some high energy pop-punk tracks to brighten you up (and maybe the odd mosh pit here and there) then definitely check them out on the Key Club stage this year!

Listen to their song ‘Voldemort’ below!

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