Yesterday, Fall Out Boy sent fans into a frenzy over a cryptic post saying ‘Chicago, please silence your cell phones at 11AM CST’, which of course made everyone go crazy looking for answers. To top things off, the caption of their Instagram post was a list of addresses in Chicago for Cinemas… FALL OUT BOY WHAT ARE YOU UP TO NOW

It turns out, at around 11AM CST in Chicago cinemas, there was a short preview for what seemed like a holiday advert, but then changes to ‘Fall Out Boy’ and ‘4.28.17’. Of course they can’t stop there, this is Fall Out Boy. Pete Wentz has posted EVEN MORE cryptic messages as seen down below.

So, after this range of  cryptic tweets, we are left wondering what are they doing? What are they releasing? Do we need to take Pete Wentz off the internet? Probably, yes.

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