Mayhem-Music-Magazine-Imminence-11.jpg‘This Is Goodbye’ it the second full album release from Swedish heavy metal 4-piece, Imminence. Combining elements of rock, electronic, hardcore, screaming and everything else into the mix you can certainly say they have changed from their previous sound. Considering they used to be a heavy band full of riffs, screaming and breakdowns they have certainly changed their style quite a lot.

One thing about ‘This Is Goodbye’, is that this album has talent. With amazing vocals from lead vocalist Eddie Berg, Imminence certainly don’t fall short on the vocal side. With a great upbeat sound and catchy choruses, at least a few of these songs will definitely appeal to you. Sure, some describe this album as sounding ‘too’ much like Bring Me the Horizon’s 2015 album ‘That’s the Spirit’ but personally, I find this album more fun to listen to than ‘That’s the Spirit’ because of its upbeat instrumentals and interesting vocals.


As well as the 11 tracks, the album also features three amazing acoustics of songs This Is Goodbye, Diamonds and Keep Me. These acoustics add a more calming end to the album compared to the ecccentric tracks through the rest of the album. Once again, the immence vocal talent of Eddie Berg is shown through the emotional acoustic take on their new tracks.

However, with such a significant change in sound, there will be some negatives. While it seems some of the lyrics are quite generic, there is no doubting that there is lyrical talent in quite a few songs. With 11 tracks (and three acoustics), after a while the upbeat tone can get a bit dull which may be a negative to some people.  Nevertheless, this is a good polished album which shows Imminence are not afraid to experiment and change-up their sound. Good on you guys!

While Imminence may not be very popular in the UK, they are certainly worth checking out. ‘This Is Goodbye’ is a polished album and if anything this band are certainly on the path to something big. Definitely make sure to check out their music video for Diamonds below!

Rating: 7.5/10

Recommended songs: This Is Goodbye, Coming Undone.

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