Photo Credit: Josh Wagner

Germany are well known for producing some well-known heavy metal bands along the likes of Rammstein and Kreator. Now it Is time for hardcore band Annisokay to come on to the international scene. Coming from Halle, Germany, Annisokay are tearing up the music scene in their country. Having produced three albums already, they certainly know what direction they are going in and are ready to break into the international music scene.

Their first album ‘The Lucid Dream[er]’ follows the conceptual idea of nightmares and lucid dreaming while also exploring the ideas of the human mind. These concepts heavily dominate the leading tracks of ‘Sky’ and ‘Monstercrazy’, and subtly throughout the rest of the album. One thing that is clear on all three albums, is the alternating vocals from screamer Dave Grunewald and clean vocalist Christoph Wieczorek. The alternating vocals balance out the tracks, mixing two forms of vocals with a clear sense of chemistry.

Second album ‘Enigmatic Smile’ was released in 2015 with leading single ‘Carry Me Away’ showing the balance of unclean and clean vocals the band are known for. Annisokay certainly find themselves on this album, and the direction the want to go as a band. With a clear mixture of heavier tracks such as ‘Carry Me Away’ and ‘Fame’, with energetic screams and shouts, it is certain Annisokay are a heavy hardcore band. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t incorporate more melodic tracks such as ‘Wolves in The Walls’, with a catchy eerie vocal hook throughout the song, this one will get stuck in your head for days at a time.

With their most recent album ‘Devil May Care’ [2016], Annisokay have already come out with four music videos for the album, ’What’s Wrong’, ‘Loud’, ‘Blind Lane’ and ‘Smile’. With a band gaining popularity internationally, this is hopefully the album to launch them further into the international music scene. They are also likely to gain the attention of new fans after collaborating with Northlane singer Marcus Bridge on ‘Smile’. The band have also collaborated with Christoph Von Freydorf from Emil Bulls on track ‘Thumbs Up Thumbs Down’, attracting new fans from different audiences.


After touring with Fearless Vampire Killers in 2015 and recently touring in the UK in early March 2017, Annisokay are starting to make their debut in the UK. When not covering the likes of pop favourites Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson, they are writing and recording their own music as well as touring around Europe. While those of you in the UK may have missed them, they are still touring Europe on the dates below.


Recommended songs: Blind Lane, Wolves In The Walls, Day To Day Tragedy

Check them out at:

Facebook: Annisokay

Instagram: @Annisokay

Twitter: @Annisokay

Youtube: AnnisokayTV

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