Almost a year after last touring back in May 2016, Mallory Knox have come back strong with a headline tour across the UK as well as bringing out their new album ‘Wired’. On Friday 24th March 2017, Mallory Knox took to the stage at the O2 Institute, Birmingham.


First up are Scottish three-piece Fatherson. Starting off with frontman Ross Leighton on his own with a guitar they quickly grab the attention of the eager fans in the crowd. While rocking the stage with songs such as ‘Hometown’ and ‘Lost Little Boys’, new fans were already searching them up, making them a pretty good hit for this tour.


Next up, Lonely The Brave. The British band are far from unheard of as many people seemed to know at least one or two songs if not a lot. Lonely The Brave seemed to elicit a positive response from the audience as they rocked the stage for the short time they were there.


Finally, after the long wait, headliners Mallory Knox took to the stage with their first ‘Wired’ single ‘Giving It Up’. Within seconds of the song starting the crowd was moving as a mosh pit erupted in the middle of the crowd. Immediately going back to their older material, Mallory Knox burst into ‘Asymmetry’ single ‘Ghost In The Mirror’ before diving straight back into their new material with ‘Wired’. Even though the album was released just two weeks ago, the audience knew almost every word. Looking at the setlist for the night, Mallory Knox surely didn’t forget to add a fair share of older favourites such as  ‘Dying To Survive’ and ‘Getaway’, which once again has the audience screaming out every word.

Halfway through their set, they play a mixture of both new and old songs including single ‘Lucky Me’ as well as older songs from their first album ‘Signals’ such as ‘Wake Up’. With everyone on the floor jumping, creating o pits or even  , everyone was having fun. Even people on the balcony were chanting and screaming out lyrics showing just how much they were enjoying the show. ‘Ending’ on anger filled single ‘Saviour’, Mallory Knox leave the stage, leaving the audience chanting and filling up the venue with echoes of ‘WE WANT MORE!’. So of course they return on stage to play two more songs, ‘Lighthouse’ and end on their popular single ‘Better Off Without You’. Both of these songs create a huge hype as the audience embrace the last few songs of the night before posing in the bands group photo.


Photo credit: Kyan Gillet

Overall the concert had the perfect balance of new and old songs, and everyone in the venue seemed to love it. If there is one thing to say, it’s that Mallory Knox sure know how to put on a bloody good show. Despite having three albums and headlining around the UK, Mallory Knox are far from giving it up and we can expect a lot more to come soon.

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