With fans queuing even before 3pm, the rush to get to the front when doors opened was huge.With a large crowd slowly increasing, first support band, Waterparks, took to the stage playing their first song ‘Made In America’ (Ironic as they’re in the UK) to a crowd of near 3000 fans. Despite being the first band on the list, Waterparks still hyped up the crowd, getting everyone to move at least once during their set.


Next up pop-rock band Swmrs. Aside from the missing vowels in their name, they did seem to have something missing in their performance but nonetheless still got the audience moving. Spreading messages of learning to ‘think for yourself’ between songs it was clear that some of the audience were into it.


Half an hour later, pop-punk headliners All Time Low take the stage, literally ‘Kicking and Screaming’. It was at this point where the crowds all moved in unison, but also caused some issues for people as many had to be taken out for medical issues. After playing some of their most popular hits such as ‘Weightless’ and ‘Somewhere In Neverland’, they then comemorate 10 years since their album ‘So Wrong Its Right’ by playing ‘Six Feet Under The Stars’ to a crowd of both old and new fans.


Skip through to the middle of their set and they’re playing their latest music from ‘Future Hearts’ and their new song ‘Dirty Laundry’ from their upcoming album ‘The Last Young Renegade’. Introducing an old favourite of bands, All Time Low + security then proceed to launch a huge set of colourful beachballs across the venue, hyping up the venue even more than previously. However, after the confidence boosting ‘Dirty Work’ era song ‘Guts’ the tempo slows down as the acoustic guitars come out. Playing their well known emotive songs ‘Therapy’ and ‘Missing You’, encouraging the audience to push through their issues and that they will be okay. When you have a crowd of around 3000 people all singing therapy in union, it truly is something amazing to witness.


Soon after, the tempo quickly builds up as pop-punk dance hits ‘A Love Like War’ and ‘Backseat Serenade’ blast through the speakers as the crowd goes mental once again. before ‘finale’ ‘Take Cover’ is played and the stage goes dark. Of course this isn’t the end as the audience immeadiately start chanting ‘ALL TIME LOW’ and ‘WE WANT MORE!’. Eventually they come back playing ‘Lost In Stereo’ before playing the expected finale of ‘Dear Maria Count Me In’. ‘Dear Maria Count Me In’ is one of thoes All Time Low songs every fan knows as they all sang out as confetti rained down and Alex Gaskarth (Lead singer/guitarist) went up into the crowd for a finale to remember.

Overall the show was great. Apart from long queues in the cold and rude people in the crowd the music and atmosphere was amazing. A tip for all fans though, protect each other, help someone if they get hurt and no matter what do not purposfully hurt people.

Check out Al Time Low at their remaining dates:

Mar 18 – Guild of Students – Liverpool, United Kingdom
Mar 19- Ulster Hall – Belfast, United Kingdom
Mar 23-o2 apollo- Manchester, United Kingdom
Mar 24 – O2 Academy – Sheffield, United Kingdom
Mar 27 – Corn Exchange -Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Mar 28-O2 Academy-Glasgow, United Kingdom
Mar 31- O2 Brixton Academy – Brixton, United Kingdom

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