Go down into the depths of Birmingham on a Sunday night and outside the Asylum you’ll find a queue of fans all waiting to see Aussie pop-punk band With Confidence. For an early starting show (6pm) British band Milestones sure know how start off such an early show. Despite the lack of people because of slow ticket checks, Milestones still got the crowd moving with fan favourite ‘Call Me Disaster’ and slower songs ‘Shot In The Dark’. With people jumping and waving phone lights all around the venue, there is no denying the atmosphere was set from the word go.

Next up, Canadian band Safe To Say, capturing the attention of the audience in a different style. While not playing pop-punk riffs and high energy tracks, they captured the more emotional side of music with slow indie tracks such as ‘Tangerine’. After the equipment theft in Nottingham the night before, Safe To Say chose to promote band Milestones and With Confidence over themselves after their equipment was stolen at the previous show as well as exclaiming how “you don’t need to be a guy to stand where I am right now” giving a positive message to all girls in the audience that they shouldn’t be afraid to start a band. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t know how to get the audience moving. Finale ‘When I’m Not Here’ hyped the crowd up again for final supports Broadside.

Final supports, American band Broadside take the stage getting the audience moving within a few seconds of playing. From the first song ‘The Simple Type’, mosh pits and people of all ages jumping in unison came together creating a rather hot and sweaty set. Showing they were clearly a fan favourite, every song they played created an eruption of screams and enjoyment from fans throughout the audience.

But now onto the main band: With Confidence. Upcoming band With Confidence certainly got every person in the sold-out venue moving up and down to the rock ridden beats of ‘Voldemort’ and ‘Archers’. It’s clear the audience were clearly into the show as well with various shouts of ‘I love you!’ and shouting ‘CHUG!’ at drummer Josh Brozzesi in-between songs. One thing this band shows is that they know how to have fun during a show and not make it all serious like some bands. During the emotional ballad of ‘Long Night’, a song about the sadness of heartbreak, we see guitarists Luke Rockets and Inigo Del Carmen slow dancing at the side of the stage distracting lead singer and bassist Jayden Seeley.

Even after a long and tiring show (despite only ending at 9:45), all four bands came out to meet fans at their merch table or outside the venue for ages before driving off to their next venue. There is a reason this show and many others on their UK & Europe tour were sell-outs. This is because of their increasing popularity and great performances. Check them out when they next come to the UK.

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