These days all we seem to see are ‘wannabe’ bands trying to hit fame by commenting on youtube videos going ‘HEY LOOK AT ME!’. This is where Safe To Say are different. Already gaining popularity from American rock heaven ‘Warped Tour’, Safe To Say are currently known in the UK for touring with Australian band With Confidence.

Four piece band Safe To Say are an alternative rock band from Ontario, Canada consisting of Brad (Guitar/Vocals), Josh (Bass), JJ (Drums) and Cory (Guitar). With two albums ‘With Everything In Between’ [2013] and ‘Down In The Dark [2016], one EP ‘Hiding Games’ [2015] and one split album/EP with rock band Seaway ‘Split [2013], Safe To Say have certainly been producing a lot.

So what makes this band stand out? While it is safe to say that Safe To Say’s music isn’t heavy metal deathcore, there is at least one track in their discography suited to your taste. From indie vocals and instrumentals on ‘Tangerine’ or hard hitting rock vocals on ‘When I’m Not Here’, there really is something for everyone. Despite hitting the more emotional side of music with slow instrumentals and emotive lyrics they sure know how to hit up the rock side through their EP ‘Hiding Games’. If you are looking for something smaller to get you into this band ‘Hiding Games’ is certainly the EP to do so. Consisting of six songs, ‘Summer Sickness’, ‘Bracelets’, ‘Zoey’, ‘When I’m Not Here’, ‘Lull (Heaven Knows)’ and ‘Near Enough’, this EP is certainly the thing to get you into Safe To Say if you dont want to track through albums for your new favourite song (Though their albums are great!)

Their live performances aren’t anything short of great either! With the world of autotune and correcting through music software, true live vocals and performances can easily get lost in the mix, but not these. Safe To Say certainly know how to put on a great show and perform to the best of their ability, even if they are just on tour as a support.

Reccomended songs: ‘When I’m Not Here’, ‘Dead Birds’, ‘Summer Sickness’

Check them out at :


Twitter: @Safetosayband




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